5 Ton Electric Boiler Dealer

5 Ton Electric Boiler Dealer

The use of coal to 5 ton electric boiler dealer three benefits: the requirements of modern social development and environmental protection is enough clean coal boiler therefore has a clear departure from the social development, coal to electricity in the boiler room for development is now more and more, in order to be able to we need to get better results with adequate preparation at the time of selection, in order to select a high-quality product you need to know the benefits of good use of the three major coal to electric boiler.

Classification and selection fuel gas boiler thermal control system: a fuel gas heat boiler control system classification (1) a combination of an electric system for an electric meter instrumentation system consists of relays, time relays, the relay program composed of program control and interlock system; or by the electronic control and intelligent digital series instrument, measuring instruments display, sound and light alarm monitoring instrumentation and control system and other components. Electric instrumentation system design experience mature, the price is cheap, but it is difficult to achieve system redundancy, remote data transmission, maintenance is more difficult, more difficult to implement advanced control methods. Electric meter system is mainly used for small boilers, but the electronic control Applications for closed-loop regulation of decreasing almost been replaced by intelligent multi-function instrument, the following sections mentioned electronic control just want to take advantage of familiar industry and series instrument combination that's widely used to illustrate the principle of regulating system and constitution. (2) programmable control system programmable control system is the core of programmable logic controller (PLC). Programmable logic controllers are widely used in the initial control, since the 1990s has increased the ability of process control, the programmable logic controller in the field of process control applications more widely. Programmable controllers typically use a modular structure having a self-diagnostic and communication capabilities, can completely replace the relays, time relays, and a relay circuit for the logical functions. In a continuous control, input analog may be, for performing mathematical operations, it is easy to implement advanced control functions electric instrument system difficult to achieve. (3) The microcomputer control system: This system is Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, which is the core of the microcomputer. Figure 7-1 is a block diagram of a microcomputer controlled system. Microcomputer automatic control system can show you all of the parameters of boiler operation, and dynamic display of important parameters and alarm recording boiler operating conditions, the storage boiler operation, timing and instant print reports. The microcomputer-controlled powerful computing system, may be implemented to optimize the combustion control and other advanced control can also be linked into a network, to realize long-distance data transmission. The microcomputer disadvantage automatic control system reliability is somewhat less, still generally indicate and configure the necessary backup manually-operated unit. But with enhanced anti-jamming performance of industrial microcomputer (IPC), the reliability of microcomputer automatic control system will continue to improve. (4) Distributed Control System (DCS), also known as Distributed Control System distributed computer control system, the production process is centralized monitoring using computer technology, communication technology and redundancy, operation, management and decentralized data acquisition and control of a new types of control technology. Distributed control system is powerful, high reliability, generally used for large boilers and boiler group control. Over the years, DCS vendors in order to meet market demand, the introduction of small flexible mixing process for a variety of applications and devices open control system integration control, more suitable for medium-sized boiler DCS, such as HONEYWELL company's S9000 systems.

The main function is to ensure that the monitoring system burner safe and stable operation, the main components are: flame detectors, pressure monitors, temperature monitors and the like. Flame detector: monitoring conditions for forming the flame, and generates a signal reporting programmer. There are three main flame monitoring: photosensitive resistance, electric eye UV ultraviolet, ionizing electrode. Pressure Monitor: generally used for a gas burner, the main high-pressure gas, low voltage detection, and detecting elegant, if burner for steam boilers, and steam pressure monitoring. Detector Temperature: monitoring and controlling the temperature of fuel (heavy oil).

Our company processes in multiple new energy automobile production will need to heat, the boiler equipment we choose is really a headache, fast Boiler solve our urgent needs. The purchase of electric water boiler system is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high thermal efficiency, saving a lot of operating costs for our company. --customer feedback


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