Fixed Bed Coal Boiler System

Fixed Bed Coal Boiler System

Necessity textile mill converted to a coal-fired fixed bed coal boiler system gas boiler is a boiler equipment industry needs is more important, because a lot of links to the papermaking process requires a lot of steam drying, stereotypes and so on. However, along with the national policy of environmental protection departments to ban coal-fired boilers, and now more and more manufacturers have to use coal-fired boilers to coal-fired boilers upgrading or purchasing a new low - NOx emissions. Mills from coal to gas boilers is an important direction of the current transformation of coal-fired boilers, is one of more types of enterprise transformation, especially in the area more natural gas, coal into gas boiler is the main way. 1, in order to transform mechanization layered fired boiler gas boiler, you should first remove the front arch and a rear arch, while increasing the bottom heating surface, instead grate, grate to prevent overheating, combustion; 2, through the furnace heat transfer calculation methods determining the size of the boiler, furnace flame center position, and then pouring furnace work. In order to avoid the center position after arch boiler tubes, based on the original slope of the original arch made pipe. 3, the furnace in order to prevent an explosion, when the coal-fired boiler furnace gas is substituted, or when fuel not atomized combustion gases in the furnace incomplete combustion or heating surface of the end of the furnace, a fire or explosion occurs, should be mounting the appropriate parts of the boiler explosion vent, and to increase the ignition and flame failure protection program control to automatic control means, to ensure safe operation of the boiler. 4, is closely related to the selection and arrangement of the burner and furnace, the filling degree of the flame in the furnace should preferably not to form a dead air. Gas burner arrangement considered reasonable and piping layout, convenient operation, inspection and maintenance;

Gas fixed bed coal boiler system kicked off the development of chemical industry, chemical industry, although new is an important part of the national economy, however, mention it, our first thought is of high pollution, high toxicity. Therefore, how to reduce pollution and achieve sustainable development has become a top priority of all issues. Boiler chemical industry as an indispensable production equipment, damage to the environment if it is reduced, it is to achieve sustainable development has added new impetus. Gas boiler appears just to meet this demand, the development of chemical industry opened a new prologue. Gas boiler, listen to know the name is the use of natural gas boiler heating. Natural gas, we all know that it is one of the clean energy, the combustion process emits only a small amount of exhaust gas, the environmental impact is very small, and unlike coal-fired boilers will produce the same waste, therefore, very much in line with national environmental policy Claim. If you use this boiler chemical industry, that pollution will be greatly reduced. In addition, its high combustion efficiency than conventional coal-fired boiler lot, can greatly reduce the input costs of fuel. If this alternative boiler coal-fired boiler, a year can save a lot of coal resources for the country, greatly reducing the damage to the environment caused by coal mining. Emergence of gas-fired boiler, only allows chemical companies to reduce pollution of the environment, can also improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, can be said to serve several purposes. It turns out, is the market development needs, will surely opened a new prologue for the development of the chemical industry.

What is the transformation of the principle of low nitrogen fixed bed coal boiler system: In recent years, the state vigorously promote clean air plan, Yajian coal. Whether the use of coal-fired central heating boilers, and rural small coal stove for cooking and heating, are gradually being clean energy alternatives under the relevant policy. Thus, in recent years, sulfur dioxide, dust content in the atmosphere continues to decline. But it is worth noting that more and more use of natural gas, also caused a certain amount of nitrogen oxide pollution.

Fast fixed bed coal boiler system particularly strong technical team, they listened carefully to our needs and give us tailored technology solutions, from boiler production, transport to the site installation and commissioning took only 35 days time, all aspects of the deal in place, the boiler quickly it is put into use. --customer feedback


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