Bangladesh Boiler Authority

Bangladesh Boiler Authority

Ordinary gas bangladesh boiler authority obvious advantage is the relatively low price, which is most of the reason customers choose it. Just use the boiler is not mandatory for low nitrogen emissions, you can directly select the ordinary gas boiler, this enterprise is also very friendly.

Henan gas bangladesh boiler authority shutdown procedure when the specific operation is as follows 1, Henan gradually reduce the load of the gas boiler, the burner until the fire is in a low state, the manual switch to control the selection. 2, switch off the burner, and the fan stops rotating. 3, switch off the power switch and the pump. 4, closing the gas supply valve (solenoid valve to prevent leakage of air leakage into the furnace). 5, when the internal pressure of the gas boiler Henan drops nearly to zero, should the air valve is opened to allow air into the boiler to prevent the formation of negative pressure within the boiler. 6, the pump should normally open power switch, automatic replenishment in order to keep the water in the boiler, without causing the boiler water. For higher boiler automatic control program, a normal shutdown operation more simple: shutdown button press, i.e. the boiler combustion fuel cut is terminated, the purge time. At this point the pump continues running water, when the water level in the boiler to the normal position, the pump will automatically stop working, then later cut off the main power. It must be noted that, in addition to the accident and emergency shutdown shutdown, the general method should not be taken to cut off the power supply will be shutdown. Timely Henan gas boiler and ancillary equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection after the shutdown, if found defective equipment should make a record, use and repair during the shutdown. When Henan gas boiler emergency shutdown, immediately stop gas supply to the combustion chamber, burner disable, shut down the boiler main steam valve. If the vapor pressure increases should be appropriate to open the exhaust valve. In addition to severe water shortage and water full of accidents, in general, it should continue to boiler feed water and keep the water level is normal. Open the door and ventilation door for ventilation, to cool the boiler as soon as possible.

1, high-pressure steam bangladesh boiler authority overpressure failure phenomenon occurs.

Failure performance; and a sharp rise in air pressure than the rated working pressure of the license, pressure gauge pointer significantly exceeds the red line area of ​​security, even after the safety valve still can not stop the rise in air pressure abnormality.

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According to the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), between 1999 and 2003, there were 1,477 reported power boiler accidents, resulting in 143 injuries and 26 deaths

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Present status of Conformity Assessment System in Bangladesh 11 Inspection Inspection Service Providers Government: Bangladesh Customs Authority Concerned Ministries, Boiler Inspection (under MoI) FIQC, etc Private: Bureau Veritas SGS Intertek, etc Present status of Conformity Assessment System in

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