Size Of 4 5Tons Steam Boiler

Size Of 4 5Tons Steam Boiler

2, to achieve emissions control process

Now the market a low nitrogen gas boiler exhaust gas when the air and the combustion gases to achieve a separate process, and a low nitrogen boiler control can effectively be adsorbed and nitrogen purge, gas is discharged through a low nitrogen into nitrogen gas boiler very low levels. The low-nitrogen exhaust gas treatment technology and integration boiler, can effectively improve the efficiency of the boiler low nitrogen, low nitrogen to ensure the safety and reliability of the boiler and the actual energy environmental effects.

Boiler has a boiler fireman requirements of high temperature, high pressure thermal equipment, when in use will be very hot, so when you use it in the user's need to find a dedicated fireman to operate, the following will give you about at the fireman's requirements: 1, fireman is a special technical work, the use of boiler units shall be in strict accordance with the "boiler fireman who secure technology assessment management approach", selected training fireman people, and get supervision department issued operating certificate , before taking action. 2, familiar with the role of a safety device, the operation principle and performance, can draw or oral air, water, the flue gas flow. 3, fireman would be required to recognize the importance of their posts to work, to do due diligence and dedication, job dedication. 4 for the boiler water quality indicators and basic knowledge of water treatment. 5, a week to learn about the National Board of Boiler safety regulations. Rules and regulations, the contents of the relevant aspects of the safe use of the boiler, should be familiar to memorize. 6, holding body, auxiliary boiler room and sanitation. 7, to carry out general repairs and maintenance of safety equipment subsidiary boilers and other equipment operation, can eliminate common problems and accident emergency treatment. 8, carefully stick to their posts, not unauthorized absence from the boiler room, subject to post-job discipline. 9, skilled, able to correctly adjust operating parameters to meet the production needs of life outside weather changes and the adoption of better selection of operating conditions based on the run, less energy consumption. Fireman boiler must go through the job evaluation, operation time must wear protective tools, non-inexperienced personnel to operate, most people are not allowed to enter the room, to avoid high temperatures lead to casualties.

This chapter Xiao Bian gave you these three cases is the number of boilers are air consumption: regular manufacturers of 6 tons of gas boiler is a standard, rated steam pressure of 6 tons of gas boiler is 1.6MPa, rated steam temperature 204 ℃, the thermal efficiency is depending on the manufacturer's technical standards and different, according to well-known manufacturers Henan party fast factory technician stated that its company produces thermal efficiency of 6 tons of natural gas boilers up to 95%, may in some do not understand the line the customer's eyes, a few percent is not obvious, but once put on the industry able to have a very large customers to reduce fuel costs per year, compared to the technology in terms of well-known manufacturers chose better. Closer to home, gas boiler according to the air consumption parameter table displayed on the technical side of Henan fast calculation formula, a calorific value parameter is gas 35438KJ, and the consumption of natural gas boilers is 75 cubic meters per ton, if it is, then the consumption of the boiler 6 t 450 cubic meters, while gas-fired air consumption are calculated by the hour, so air consumption summary, six tons of gas boiler is 450 cubic meters per hour.

After the project identification, party fast technical staff soon made contact with our company, to our installation, commissioning, to ensure the look normal, stable use during boiler operation. Thanks fast boiler professional technical support and good service, I provide a lot of help for the textile dyeing and finishing production company. --customer feedback


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