Dosing Pump For Boiler

Dosing Pump For Boiler

On the whole, lower consumption of coal-fired dosing pump for boilers, but there are environmental risks, many new coal-fired boilers enterprises are also faced with the situation of environmental transformation or replacement, post huge investment costs.

How to care for condensing gas dosing pump for boiler condensing gas boiler reasonable and effective maintenance, may to some extent, greatly extending the life of the boiler and to improve the safe operation of the boiler index. 1, to be noted that regulate the spacing between the various components. Air inlet and outlet should be located in the rear of the boiler water, the air inlet and exhaust ports should be located at the top of the boiler. For ease of boiler installation, maintenance and inspection, a space in front of the boiler to leave at least 500mm, side, leaving a space of at least 50mm, bottom and top retention least 25cm. 2, the average annual inspections and cleaning once a heating system, cleaning is not complete and does not operate correctly, it will increase the likelihood of damage to the boiler maintenance, therefore, in accordance with the relevant requirements to conduct an inspection and cleaning operation of the boiler, the importance of each year. 3, the filter installation. Before running the boiler, water circulating at least twice to remove impurities in the system, after the operation, the safety vent valve must be opened impurities leaving the boiler, the return pipe system must be installed filters to prevent impurities or sludge blocking system, damage to the boiler. 4, the installation must not forget to install the boiler piping cleaning system, but also to use the neutral acid alkali cleaning agent, and used according to the manufacturer's instructions. This is because the material of the boiler are silicon, aluminum, magnesium, if hot water is added strong acid or alkaline substances, might cause corrosion damage to the boiler. A predetermined boiler water PH value not higher than 8.5 or lower than the long-6.5.5, in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions using an additive, the additive is added to the mixed raw water can lead to damage. 6, the boiler must be performed prior to use to check whether there is a coaxial flue blockage, if found blockage, treatment should be promptly clear. 7, cold winter season to the boiler antifreeze protection measures. 8, gas leaks and must pay attention to prevention, can ask a professional technical staff to help check the boiler, the average gas hose replaced every two years. 9, under any circumstances, individual users do not disassemble the boiler, to repair or change of use and so on.

The reason electric water dosing pump for boiler corrosion is what electric water boiler ideal operating system should be basically tight, leak-free. Circulating water system is fixed, in the endothermic heat release process. After the water heating cycle, all the dissolved oxygen in water is absorbed iron into the oxygen-free water, it will not be serious boiler corrosion. 1, fill water out of control. Article 100 "electric water boiler Safety Supervision" states: hot water system leakage is generally less than 1% of the water capacity of the system, but some units mistaken for electric water boiler with hot water convenience. Hot water system used for bathing, washing and the like. A 2.8 megawatt electric water boilers capable of producing nearly 100 tons of water per day. 2, do not implement the "low-pressure boiler water quality standards." Clearly defined standards, when the water temperature is below 95 ℃, PH value of the circulating water should be controlled at 10-12 less, this is a very important indicator, but some units do not. However, these units pay more attention to the hardness of the water supply, some special units of the fluidized bed water treatment apparatus installed to meet the needs of supply of demineralized water. They mistakenly supply of water in accordance with standard electric water boiler steam boiler. They believe that if softened water qualified, would not have happened fouling and corrosion. 3, unacceptable heating pipe network installed, the circulating water can not be delivered to the client system. Some users in order not to be frozen, increased displacement, thermal drainage, drainage cold, thus increasing the amount of leakage. 4, is provided with the expansion tank does not match the boiler pressure. An expansion tank unit on the fourth floor, which height is less than 15 meters, but the boiler is in constant pressure 2.5kg / cm ~ 2. Thus, recharge furnace workers often work to maintain a considerable pressure index / cm2, and the conversion of water to this water. Water and electricity. 5, no boiler maintenance downtime. After the heating period, boiler stop running, temporary workers were laid off. Some boiler filled with water. Some boiler exposed to the atmosphere, the lack of necessary maintenance. Clearly stated corrosion electric water boiler for hot water heating is due to lack of user knowledge, Especially large amount of water, not only add a lot of dissolved oxygen, and complement the large amount of water, caused by overload operation and other reasons. For water treatment equipment is generally added in order to ensure the amount of water added to the system flush water of high chlorine content. When the H value is only 7-8, the hydrogen ions, oxygen and chlorine ions have activity as corrosive media. PH value of water due to the lower furnace, the higher the concentration of hydrogen ions, in the event of ulcers etching, hydrogen will react. When the presence of dissolved oxygen in water, the presence of chloride will greatly enhance the rate of corrosion of iron. It is very easy to chloride ions from water being replaced by oxygen ions, and the metal surface oxide film in the oxide film, thereby forming a soluble chloride, oxide film, to oxidation of the metal surface. In summary, the key is the hot water boiler overheating caused by electric water boiler corrosion, reduced service life.

This is our first collaboration with fast dosing pump for boiler, professional and caring service fast boiler's impressed us. From pre-sales advice to after-sales guidance, every step is very careful and thoughtful. They provide hot water boiler performance is also very good, and effectively improve the level of our heating units. --customer feedback


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