Heating Fuel Vacuum Fire Tube Boiler

Heating Fuel Vacuum Fire Tube Boiler

What are the characteristics of vacuum boilers?

Vacuum phase change boilers in the industry are usually referred to as vacuum boilers. Professional vacuum boilers form a negative pressure vacuum environment within the enclosed furnace body. There is no danger of expansion and explosion because a vacuum boiler creates a low-pressure environment with little air, and then uses water to boil at a low temperature to produce steam. As a result, it is now commonly used in higher elevations. Let's find out what the features of the vacuum boiler are.

1, the vacuum boiler will not corrode because the internal structure of the vacuum boiler is negative pressure vacuum state, so it is completely isolated from the atmospheric pressure, so the pump pumps configured by the various units of the boiler will continuously discharge the steam from the unit. It does not corrode the internal structure, so vacuum phase change boilers perform fairly well in terms of durability.

2, safety and reliability are different from ordinary atmospheric pressure boilers. Because vacuum boilers pump air out of the inner container to form a vacuum environment, the furnace body does not work under the vacuum body in the course of use and will not be expanded by heat. It is not a pressure vessel, so there is no risk of explosion. At the same time, if the pressure increases due to faults or other perceived factors, the vacuum pressure switch automatically cuts off the power supply, so vacuum boilers are more reliable than other types of boilers in terms of safety.

Recently, to promote the prevention and control of air pollution, improve air quality, fast boiler following the "condensing" vacuum hot water boiler, has successfully developed the "condensing" import gas boiler. Fang fast "condensing" series boiler so that "environmental, economic, energy-saving" three technological breakthroughs. Fast condensing gas inlet side is different from the ordinary boiler inlet gas boiler, only features of this boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler reaches high and effectively limit the emissions of harmful substances in the flue gas.

Maintenance and corrosion protection of a hot water boiler, water supply oxygen due to some timely accumulation of dissolved oxygen corrosion of hot water boiler will result in increased water supply process, therefore, at the same time equipped with the appropriate oxygen equipment should be better the efforts to control the entire water supply. The oxygen present embodiment mainly sodium sulfite chemical reaction oxygen, this effective method of oxygen can fully reduce the overall corrosion to metal. Meanwhile, some capacity is relatively increased water boiler, may also be employed in high vacuum or low oxygen equipment, a reasonable way is to use hot water boiler air evacuated, forming a gas hot water boiler pressure less than atmospheric pressure will reduce air leakage phenomenon occurs, play a good maintenance effect. Second, strict control of the pH of the boiler water in accordance with the regulations of the country, the pH of the boiler water is controlled within a predetermined range, this can be well protected by film formation, avoiding corrosion of the metal walls of the hot water boiler . Case of pH value rises or falls appear outside the furnace, to take timely measures to maintain, when the entire index is below 10, you can put some alkaline agents on the hot boiler to an appropriate increase to a normal pH, can also be run by using trisodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide to adjust the dose to accurately control the pH of the water throughout the furnace, so that, to maintain good control effect, helps to reduce boiler corrosion, build clean and efficient mode. Third, strengthen the maintenance of boilers disabled during shutdown, such protective measures are not taken, the boiler water and steam system of the metal surface corrosion is dissolved oxygen, since the boiler generated during operation is an alkylene iron corrosion products compounds, can become disabled at the time of high iron oxide compound, which makes corrosion process is repeated down the line. And therefore must take appropriate protective measures during boiler shutdown is disabled, avoid and mitigate corrosion of the boiler. Maintenance of two ways: First, dry maintenance, and second, wet maintenance Wet maintenance Currently we have taken as follows: (1) the pot of water after shutdown exhausted, remove scale, impurities and soot. (2) off (or blocked with the blind plate) each of the ducts of valves connected to the boiler. (3) The demineralized water injected into the boiler to a minimum level, with special preparation of a good basic corrosion pump liquid injected into the boiler. (4) When all the injection liquid corrosion boilers, boiler water supply valve is turned on, the boiler filled with demineralised water until the pot of water drained out from the valve, closing the valve and emptying the water supply valve. (5) Open special boiler water circulation pump, so that everywhere in the boiler alkaline solution concentration uniform corrosion. (6) During the maintenance, you should always do external examination, and regularly testing pot with water, and liquid or alkalinity level drops, should identify the reasons for timely processing and additional liquid. (7) periodically open water circulation pump, the liquid concentration consistent throughout. (8) during the wet winter maintenance of the boiler, the boiler temperature must be kept above 5 ℃ and do the following. a. during the entire maintenance, raw Microflame oven regularly in order to maintain the outer surface of the heated drying. b. To start a regular water circulation pump, the concentration of the solution is consistent throughout. c. also regularly take the solution testing, if the alkalinity is reduced, should be supplemented. d. Winter freezing measures to be taken. Conclusion of people using the hot water boiler in the current society continues to increase, for the maintenance and repair of hot water boiler has been people's attention, but at a certain point of view, people are now plagued by the boiler normal use of the main factors that boiler corrosion situation occurs, this corrosion occurs not only will make the life of the boiler there is a certain decrease in the safety of the boiler will make a corresponding reduction, so this needs to boiler rusting conduct a comprehensive analysis, and in accordance with the results of the analysis put forward countermeasures boiler fundamental Rusty effective solution, so that the development of China's water boiler to get some protection.

Our company in the choice of boiler products, attaches great importance to the quality of emissions and steam boilers, boiler low emissions of pollutants party provides fast, good steam quality is superior boiler products. --customer feedback


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