Solar Boiler Solar Boiler Manufacturers

Solar Boiler Solar Boiler Manufacturers

Focus on gas-fired solar boiler solar boiler manufacturers piping design gas supply system gas boiler gas pipeline system is reasonable, not only economic but also for investment and operation of gas supply systems also have a significant impact in ensuring safe and reliable operation of gas boiler great relationship. Therefore, it must be given adequate attention in the design. Boiler gas supply system generally supply duct inlet means, gas piping system and a boiler room emission purging conduit and other components. Some requirements are as follows: 1) from the boiler room to the gas pressure regulating stations gas pipeline (gas introduction tube boiler), in addition there are special requirements of production to be considered outside the double tube gas, generally single gas supply tube . When gas double pipe, each pipe capacity by gas boiler 70% of the total gas consumption is calculated. 2) When the intake pressure regulating device at 0.3MPa or more, than the surge and large, large noise may be generated, in order to avoid the noise transmitted along the pipeline to the gas boiler room, the device should have a regulator 10 ~ 15m the section of pipe laid underground to take. 3) gas is introduced from the outside manifold gas boiler room, the total should be installed at the inlet shut-off valve, a gas-flow direction, the valve should be installed before the vent pipe, and a sampling port mounted in the vent pipe should be installed after the purge valve joints. 4) between the gas introducing pipe connected to the boiler supply mains, or can be connected to an end portion of the intermediate connector. When the number of the gas boiler gas boiler room station 4 or more units, each of the gas supply pressure boiler similar tube is preferably used in an indirect manner that the person.

Accident horizontal steam solar boiler solar boiler manufacturers three: an economizer tube and the explosion accidents, and bursting phenomena economizer tube (1) decreased boiler water level, water flow is abnormally greater than the steam flow. Sound leaks nearby (2) economizer, and the lower furnace wall gap outwardly steaming flue gate leakage. (3) the exhaust gas temperature drops, the color of white smoke. Wet ash hopper within a lower portion (4) of the economizer, there is severe water flow down. (5) the flue gas resistance increases, induced draft fan sound is not normal, the motor flow rate increases. 2, Economizer blasting process (1) For non Fractional economizer, such as when the boiler to maintain the normal water level, the water can be increased to, and close all valves and recirculation duct drainage valve to maintain the short run to be put into operation after the backup boiler maintenance shutdown. If the expansion of the accident, when the water level can not be maintained, should an emergency shutdown. (2) for separable economizer bypass flue damper should be opened, closed dampers, suspended economizer. At the same time open water economizer bypass valve, continue to water boiler. Smoke, the water reliably isolated from the water economizer memory immediately let go, the air valve opening or valve lift. Flue baffle tight, maintenance can be carried out under conditions to ensure personal safety, to resume operation, or should be shutdown before overhaul. 1, the phenomenon (1) in the boiler water hammer emitted boilers and pipes at a certain rhythm crash, sometimes loud sound, accompanied by strong vibration water pipes or steam pipes. (2) gauge pointer swings back and forth, consistent with the frequency of the vibration noise. (3) water hammer severe, may lead to the respective connecting members, such as flanges, weld cracking, breakage of the valve. 2, treated water hammer steam pipe (1) reduced steam supply, close the main steam valve if necessary. (2) Open the trap set on the superheater and steam pipe hydrophobic tank (3) the drum water level is too high, the sewage should be appropriate to maintain the normal water level. (4) strengthen water treatment work to ensure water supply and boiler water quality, prevent priming. (5) elimination of water hammer, status check and the frame pipes, flanges, etc., such as a warm-again without damage for the steam supply.

What are the requirements for select high and low altitude gas solar boiler solar boiler manufacturers?

Physics tells us that the higher the altitude, the lower the pressure, the thinner the air, the oxygen content will be reduced. So, for high altitude plateau, in the choice of gas boilers, what precautions do?

Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as China's key high-tech enterprises, has great influence in the pharmaceutical industry. In early 2017, two-Heron relevant person in charge to get in touch fast solar boiler solar boiler manufacturers, double-Heron Pharmaceutical according to demand, our company to provide a 1-ton split steam condensing steam boiler, and is responsible for subsequent transportation, installation and commissioning work .


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