Boiler Vickers Ash Body

Boiler Vickers Ash Body

Factors influencing the hot water boiler vickers ash body price fluctuations. On this issue, in fact, need to be considered for many angle, you can try to make some considerations from the following aspects: 1. Different brands and hot water boiler manufacturers and brand manufacturers use technology and production technology for boilers is not the same, so naturally there are differences in the level of prices with different manufacturers and so-called customer word of mouth brand, technology and reputation effects, hot water boiler will. 2. The hot water boiler model, configuration parameters, and auxiliary boiler thermal book most aspects of application in the field of district heating, schools, chemical, and life, then the use of scenarios for different areas of use and boiler tonnage of the selected model, parameters will naturally vary, in addition, out of consideration for the smooth operation of the boiler, safety, purchasing budget, and the use of fuels, auxiliary equipment configuration selected hot water boiler will be high and low ranges, in general imports, the relatively high cost of supporting auxiliary are generally more expensive, naturally affected the price of the boiler. 3. The thermal efficiency and nitrogen oxide emissions of the boiler especially in recent years, with the state limitations on NOx emission standards become more stringent, the different manufacturers began to study new boiler technology, for example, condensation technology, waste heat recovery technology flue gas recycling technologies, application of these techniques, on the one hand to enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler operation, can provide more heat production units per unit time, on the other hand, also reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides, save the part of the exhaust gas treatment cost, then the use of these technologies, but also make more of a hot water boiler technical input Chen this, the price will be higher, of course, no application will naturally be lower. 4. There is also a factor, and that is the impact of market conditions, different nodes of the time, the degree of saturation of the market will also affect the price of hot-water boilers will be, so the acquisition of the time, also need to understand some of the industry's single boiler prices to different types of boilers, of course, relatively speaking, this is the external factors. In summary, the factors have been set forth hot water boiler part of the price, of course, there are many details of the impact will be, which requires the development of reasonable pricing scheme, detailed analysis, and now, you can probably also visual assessment of these factors up.

How to maintain water supply and boiler vickers ash body water of Fangkuai boiler during operation the quality of water supply and furnace water of Fangkuai boiler should meet the requirements of GB/T1576-2008 (Industrial Boiler Water quality). And sample and test regularly. The quantity and frequency of the discharge shall be determined by the laboratory personnel. Test and discharge shall be recorded in detail. 2 Monitoring of rotating machinery shall be carried out by means of one look, two ears and three touches for pumps, fans, pumps, etc. The discovery of anomalies, that is, take measures to deal with. If necessary, the furnace should be shut down and overhauled, but it should not be careless. The oil level of the tank on the 3rd day If there is no automatic control device for oil level, the oil level should be checked regularly and it is found that the oil level is too low to be used for 2 hours. Please inform the fuel personnel in advance of the injection of new fuel. 4 the water level control of the soft water tank is generally used to automatically control the operation status of the 5 water treatment equipment to check periodically for the failure of ion exchangers in the water treatment equipment. Under normal conditions, the exhaust temperature of the new Fangkuai boiler is generally low, and will gradually increase with the increase of the running time. If it is found that the change is too large and exceeds 20 ℃, the appropriate time to shut down the furnace and clean the ash should be chosen. Such phenomena as If it happens frequently, check that the combustion system is normal. If the oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature is too low to atomize bad, or the air-oil ratio is not correct, resulting in bad oil-gas mixture, resulting in anoxic combustion and carbon precipitation. In addition, for dry-backed boilers, if the exhaust temperature increases abruptly, it is possible to leak smoke from the fire-proof wall between the second and the third return of the rear chamber, which needs to be repaired.

Hot water boiler vickers ash body to check items are what it? Check internal examination with the use of hot water boiler ready to check in the furnace and the flue, the boiler attachment check, check automatic control system, ancillary equipment, combustion equipment inspection, check the auxiliary heating surface, prior to running hot water boiler do some checks that we are not inconsiderable, it is possible because of our neglect and causing very serious consequences. So we want a preventive measure, to carefully check the following before the hot water boiler operation.

The purchase of gas-fired boiler vickers ash body, we are more anxious shopping center, but for gas-fired boilers are not very understanding. After the introduction of others, we understand each other fast boiler more comprehensive, and more trust fast boiler. After the boiler put into use, it turns out, party fast products fully meet the needs of our shopping centers. --customer feedback


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