Stove Factory For Paper

Stove Factory For Paper

Gas hot water stove factory for paper safe operation Code: People can not do without domestic water heating and gas hot water boiler, due to the special nature of the performance of the need to comply with strict safety operation of the Code. Then, gas hot water boiler needs to run how to protect their safety performance? 1, after carefully checking gas hot water boiler water supply, drainage, gas pipe fittings, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge is sensitive Haoshi before work, make sure it is safe to operate. 2, with both hands to manipulate when Sheung hand to open the door of water, whereupon the other hand the water injector and valve open, water flows naturally into the furnace. When stopped, the steam valve should be closed first, then turn off the water door, switch and valve, the front face must escape in order to avoid accidents caused by soft drinks out. 3, gas hot water boiler in operation, to pay attention to all parts of the check, and observe whether the water pressure in the normal range. Fireman can not leave their posts without permission, when night work, avoid dozing off, but not allowed to sleep, to avoid accidents. Boiler blowdown, a class must be properly adjusted before the sewage water level, slightly higher than the normal water level of 2/3 of the standard, then the sewage. 4, the water level table class must be flushed once. Flushing, according to a predetermined program, the first closing valve and open the drain valve, flushing steam valve, when attention is blocked steam origin; steam valve is then closed, when attention is blocked antecedents water. Flushing valve, until the water becomes steam, some a little longer, in order to guarantee no false water level. Hot water boiler fuel gas safety checks must be carried out to prevent the presence of explosive materials in the fuel to prevent the risk of explosion.

Flue gas condensation in aqueous industrial stove factory for papers and industrial boiler flue gas condensing position of the condensation water and the condensed position 1, the steam boiler flue gas dew point of industrial coagulation process means starts to condense water vapor in the flue gas the temperature, condenses into water vapor when the temperature is lower than the dew point temperature. Without considering the impact of the acid gas, flue gas dew point increases to increase, increasing the concentration of water vapor in the flue gas, increases as the excess air ratio is reduced. Formation of condensation water depends on the temperature distribution of the flow cross-section. For example, when the flue gas through the pipe, the core flow temperature maximum, minimum wall temperature. When the wall temperature is higher than the dew point, no condensate water, when the wall temperature below the dew point temperature of the core flow above the dew point. When the core flow temperature below the dew point, the air flow condensing section. Number of smoke generated condensed water is affected by many factors, such as size, fuel, exhaust gas temperature, the air ratio, the structure of the boiler heat transfer surfaces and the like. 2, boiler condensate condensed gas industry position in the boiler in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, efficient recovery of the latent heat of the flue gas steam gasification boiler with a condenser and is widely used in industrial heating systems, i.e., by installation absorb latent heat of water vapor in the flue gas. Saving device and a condenser. At design conditions, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the boiler body above the water vapor dew point temperature, water vapor in the flue gas mainly in the condenser and economizer. Since the high-temperature steam in the boiler, the exhaust gas temperature before the flue gas enters the economizer is generally higher than the dew point, so a small amount of water vapor generated by the boiler condensate, hot water boilers and boiler due to low temperature, return water temperature lower than the annealing furnace smoke gas dew point temperature. Winter start or low load operation, leading to the exhaust gas temperature below the dew point temperature. Thus, prior to entering the economizer, some of the water vapor in the flue gas of the boiler tail heating surface condenses into water. The above analysis, generating the main part of the condensed gas are in industrial boiler economizer heating surface and the boiler, and thus boiler economizer outlet gas industry are usually set in a drain nozzle of the heating surface.

4 ways to transform small steam stove factory for paper low nitrogen! 4 ways to improve low-nitrogen small steam boiler! As more and more of the boiler low nitrogen transformation, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and Xi'an. Natural gas as a clean energy, can greatly reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide and dust emissions, 60% of carbon dioxide emissions and 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions. Many older boiler installation, boiler current nitrogen oxide emissions 90mg / m3, exhaust emissions after burner can not meet the new emission standards formulated by the state contaminants before 2017.3. 31, with boiler emission standards 80mg / m3, to achieve this emission requirements, requirements for gas-fired boiler burner transformation.

Burns Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Linfen Linfen Steel is attending a hospital burns burns and other diseases. Hot water stove factory for paper is essential hospital equipment heat, hot water output can provide disinfection of medical instruments and ward heating demand. With constantly improving our environmental policy, boiler correspondingly introduced more sophisticated Use. Linfen hospital burns to respond positively to the national environmental policy, decided to introduce an environmentally friendly low nitrogen gas hot water boiler. Taking into account the special circumstances of the hospital, the boiler should also have the use of safe, clean overall characteristics. Based on the above considerations, finalize the Linfen hospital with burns boiler party cooperation fast, fast is provided by one side of a gas condensing pressure hot water boiler (CWNS2.1-95 / 70-Y.Q).


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