Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

Horizontal electric water boiler with horizontal oil boiler characteristics introduced: horizontal electric fired hot water boiler electric steam boiler is using the latest technology and electric control system design is completed to meet the heating or hot water production and supply of life, full bath with hot water automatic green boiler. 1, hot water boilers microcomputer controller, the built-in backlight in the LCD screen display, operating status of the boiler clearly visible. All operations are easily accomplished by simply buttons, super boiler display controller, the control function is complete. 2, ceramic electric tubular heating boiler water "water separation" electrical heating mode, the heating pipe and boiler water completely separate boiler safe and easy maintenance, replacement of a heating tube; stainless steel tube electric heating type hot water boiler implementation "immersion" in the electric heating, water heating furnace, high efficiency, heating tube connected to the furnace flange, easy to clean, replace them. 3, the user can arbitrarily set the temperature between 30 ℃ -90 ℃, the boiler in accordance with user requirements timing, temperature, or automatic circulation heating system to provide users with a bath heating, domestic hot water. 4, high-power stepping boiler heating control law input sharing group, the group can be randomly put into or heating is stopped according to the load variation, and significantly reduce the impact on power. You can also manually start and stop the heating section number, user side to adjust the power boiler itself. 5, the control system controls the circulation pump start and stop in accordance with the temperature of boiler water. Hot water heating boilers, boiler water circulating pump starts when the water reaches an upper limit temperature, lower than the hot water circulation pump stops when the water temperature lower limit; circulating hot water bath with hot water boilers, boiler water temperature reaches the set limit The pump stops below the hot water circulation pump starts when the water temperature is set lower limit. 6, bath, living with the embalmed internal hot water boiler, furnace rust corrosion, long service life of the boiler, hot water, clean water, sanitation. High centrifugation using glass fiber cotton multilayer insulation, heat loss, energy saving; famous white color board packaged, elegant appearance corrosion resistance. 7, the boiler having a leakage protection function (power supply control system detects electrical leakage, automatically cut off the power boiler), anti-dry protection low water level (the water level is below the minimum limit of the level set immediately stop and alarm), the furnace overheating protection function (start when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 deg.] C, immediately shut down and an alarm, the temperature of the normal automatic boiler), the temperature sensor protection function (control system keeps detecting sensor condition, stop immediately and alarm), the power supply voltage protection function (when the power supply is abnormal, the automatic power-off. after the normal, automatic recovery operation), the heating assembly phase protection function (monitoring phase after heating assembly, shutdown protection). 8, the top of this boiler has a vent to the atmosphere, the interior is not under pressure, boiler work at atmospheric pressure, there is no risk of explosion, the complete elimination of security risks. 9, a back outlet symmetrical design (double inlet) for quick connection installation; boiler mechanical and electrical integration, compact size and reasonable transportation is very convenient. 10, electric hot water boilers are widely used in residential areas, villas, swimming pool, bath and other places, compared to other conventional boiler with environmental health, convenience and peace of mind and no noise, pollution-free a significant advantage.

What anti-corrosion measures SZS water-tube boilers are divided into specific fire-tube boilers and water tube boiler structure according to the classification of the boiler body, according to the type of boiler fuel classified as a coal-fired boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler. Process boiler operation will have a certain degree of corrosion. Found sulfide under high temperature conditions, the flow of chloride ions and high temperature flue dust contained in the friction member is the main cause of corrosion of the boiler. A, for water-tube boilers, corrosion occurs primarily at the water wall or furnace wall, the temperature is higher. In particular, severe corrosion, heat utilization is low, less than 50% thermal efficiency. High temperature coating far-infrared radiation, high temperature up to 1700, may be maintained at a high temperature high emissivity, holding about 0.9, dense coating, excellent corrosion resistance. Second, for the fire-tube boiler, the corrosion occurs mainly on the water wall. Corrosion of high temperature oxidation and corrosion of various impurity ions sulfur, chlorine, fluorine ion etching, and abrasion dust in the flue gas. Can effectively increase the boiler water wall heat exchanger, the temperature of the water wall tubes can be reduced, slowing the rate of corrosion. Third, the external boiler, security risks caused by high temperature oxidation corrosion and high-temperature operating environment is client concerns, has a low thermal conductivity, purely inorganic coatings, environmental protection, can effectively prevent heat conduction, that is, to avoid the heat energy waste is also working to reduce the security risk operating environment. Fourth, the exhaust heat boiler, the flue gas condensation by corrosion is mainly caused by friction and dust. And flue gas heat exchanger during brushing energy corresponding high temperature coatings, protective substrate, extend the life of the substrate, saving energy resources, greatly reduce costs.

Fangkuai boiler manufacturers tell you the importance of leakage protection-leakage protection is automatically cut off the power supply; overheating protection that is, when the boiler water temperature reaches the alarm temperature, automatically stop the burner and send an alarm; The secondary superheat protection means that when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 ℃, the operation of the Fangkuai boiler factory automatically cuts off the secondary loop and the boiler stops working. When the water level of the boiler is reached because of other reasons, when the water level is lower than the very low water level, the boiler will stop working and prevent the danger of dry burning. All-in-one insulation using glass cotton, Light weight, good heat preservation effect, less heat loss. White color board packaging, beautiful and generous, sealing good corrosion resistance, mechatronics, small space, easy to use. Gas-fired boilers are widely used in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, guesthouses, residential areas, bath centers, etc., fully automatic heating for users or provide bath water, domestic hot water. CWNS gas-fired fired hot water boiler 1, Fangkuai boiler manufacturer computer-type hot water boiler controller, All the functions are magically stored on an intelligent chip, the boiler is turned on with one button, full automatic timing, fixed temperature operation, the user can set the start, stop the time, set up after the completion, do not need Special person on duty, easy to work, labor-saving. Gas-fired boiler 2, equipped with imported brand burners, high degree of automation, automatic purge according to controller instructions, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, air, oil (gas) automatic proportional regulation, safe and stable performance, good combustion effect. And there is a extinguishing protection device to ensure the safe operation. 3, the fire pipe is inserted with flame retardant spoiler, slow down the smoke exhaust speed, strengthen heat transfer, smoke temperature from the smoke chamber is low, reduce heat loss, save fuel. 4, large font shows the water temperature, It is convenient to master the operation of the boiler and the system. The water temperature can be set at random from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃, and the boiler is fully automatic heating to the system or for Users provide life, bath with hot water.

Boiler plant equipment as three major important energy conversion device, fuel chemical energy into heat energy, and the pot was heated using thermal energy to become hot water having a sufficient quantity and a mass (steam temperature, steam pressure) steam turbine for use. The Anyang City, the power company to my company to buy a split 2 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler for supplying electricity demand. The WNS series split condensing boilers using advanced technology designed to greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, up to about 96%.


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